RAPID - Volume. Measured.

Pile Inventory Is Hard

Managing dry pile inventory is often a guess at best, relying on visual estimates. It can be difficult to get accurate and timely data on inventory levels, and this can lead to problems such as stockouts, overstocking, and shrink.

Learn how RAPID by RealmFive can help you solve these challenges. It's volume, measured.

What is RAPID?

Remote Access Pile Inventory Detection (RAPID) is a revolutionary new system technology that allows you to remotely monitor your pile inventory for the first time ever. RAPID uses a combination of novel sensing technology, reliable connectivity, and powerful software to provide you with timely updates on your inventory levels.

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The RAPID Advantage

There are numerous benefits RAPID brings to Ag Retailers, Feed Mills, Dairies, and Feedlots, both directly and indirectly.



Product Levels

View bulk capacities and volume of your high-cost inventory, understanding the rate of change and trends across your entire operation at a glance.


Improved Service

Know the impact of feeding schedules, changes to diet, processing production, and communicate to your teams and partners.


Better Decisions

Use volume data for ground truthing, determining shrink, and estimated time to empty. Schedule deliveries with confidence and ease.


Delivery Guarantee

No more hunting for space from overdelivering. Remotely understand how many truckloads will fit and when deliveries have been received.

Intelligent Processing

Intelligent data processing transforms 3D scans into actionable inventory insights.


Raw Data

Before processing, large gaps and noise create issues for understanding the shape of the pile, leading to poor representation of volume and weight.


Data Cleanup

After multiple processing stages we arrive at a clean, smooth surface that more closely represents the shape of the pile for calculating volume.


Smart Weight

Iterating across the shape of material using bulk density curves results in an estimated weight of the inventory for purchasing and sales decisions.

Accurate Inventory

Make informed purchasing and sales decisions with a remarkable 95% accuracy*, ensuring inventory confidence.

* greater than 95% accuracy has been achieved in tested materials and environments


Verify Capacity

Ensure you have the capacity to make purchases at the opportune market conditions or check for space availability before sending out deliveries.


Get Notified

Stay informed with notifications for delivery confirmation, unexpected inventory changes, or level thresholds. Available this summer 2024.