Smart Sites - Commercial Processors

RealmFive delivers enterprise solutions to manage the Processing REALM

RealmFive Smart Sites for industrial Processors enables improved communication between team members and multi-site oversight for corporate managers.  We connect existing equipment and integrate new data streams to optimize inventory turns, enhance safety for employees, improve visibility across operations, enhance environmental compliance, and reduce theft / shrink, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

  • Traceability
    • Automated tracking and activity recording.
    • Compliance with regulations 
    • Supply chain transparency for consumer trust
  • Predictive Maintenance
    • Predict equipment failures and proactively schedule maintenance.
    • Reduce downtime 
    • Improve equipment lifespans and reduce maintenance costs
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Data as proof of activities 
    • Ease compliance reporting
    • Compliance audit trail
  • Fraud Mitigation
    • Near real-time data from remote sites
    • User-set thresholds enable automated alerts
    • Mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities
  • Quality Control
    • Consistent adherence to quality standards
    • Prevent spoilage and ensure freshness
    • Precise control over processing variables
  • Logistics Integration
    • Align fleet logistics with real-time inventory to confirm deliveries
    • Foolproof deliveries and create audit trails
    • Automatically align contracts to loads

Connect Industrial Systems across Enterprise

RealmFive offers leading connectivity and offers expertise to select the right solution for the job.  Our broad platform enables a multitude of assets to be connected.  In the case that we don't have what you need, we can integrate something new into the platform.  A few capabilities:

  • Environmental sensors
  • Flow meters
  • Tank-based inventories
  • Bin-based inventories
  • Pipeline-based inventories
  • Mobile assets
  • Fan automation
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Inventories across Enterprise

RealmFive customers leverage the RealmFive platform to aggregate all of their inventory asset data including:

  • Bin or bay-based Solids Inventories
    • Feed
    • Grain
  • Tank-based Liquid Inventories 
    • Liquid Fertilizer (UAN)
    • Other tank-based liquids
  • Pressurized-Tank Inventories
    • Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

Mitigate Risk via Inventory Automation

RealmFive customers need accurate inventory data across remote locations to mitigate risks.  Below are example use cases where customers benefit from being alerted when remote inventories change outside of set thresholds.

  • Processors
    • Improve understanding of remote inventories across enterprise
    • Protect your commodity assets from theft / shrink
  • Financial Institutions
    • Mitigate risk / protect loan funds
    • Proactively manage customers' borrowing base
  • Commodity Trading Firms
    • Mitigate risk / protect remotely owned inventories
    • Proactively manage remotely-owned inventories
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Novel RealmFive Data Streams

RealmFive pioneers new data collection techniques and makes these methods available to its key customers:

  • Pile-based inventories
  • Effluent lagoon levels 
  • Underground soil-based monitoring
  • Vibration-based alerting

We are Customer Focused

We have a standardized process to on-board you as a customer and to serve you after the sale:

  • Initial Review of Enterprise Needs
  • ROI Collaboration
  • Customer Commitment
  • Site Survey(s)
  • Phased-in Deployments
  • On-going SLA (Service Level Agreements)
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