Increase data visibility, automate tasks, and reduce costs across your entire enterprise.

Grain Management

  • Multi-site inventory visibility
  • Centrally managed aeration protocols
  • Remotely automate grain bin aeration

Fertilizer Management

  • Multi-site inventory across types and vessels
  • Coordinated delivery operations
  • Visibility into load times and durations

Feed Management

  • Technology-enabled, keep-full services
  • Plan ahead & reduce overtime
  • Reduce redundant labor with more efficient delivery systems

Mobile Asset Management

  • Locate and learn insights on mobile inventories
  • Manage producers holding assets
  • Improve asset utilization

Activity Monitoring

  • Make pumps, fans, and motors “smart” 
  • Visualize inventory movement trends
  • Alert on movement

Delivery Logistics

  • Confirm deliveries
  • Generate audit trails for loads
  • Dramatically reduce scale house labor
SMARTSITES for Ag Retail
RealmFive - Smart Site - Ag Retail - hardware devices weather station flex max gateway





Find the solutions that fit your needs to service your customers and members with excellence.

Grain Management

Keep tabs on grain temperatures throughout bins and silos using existing infrastructure. Manually or automatically control bin fans to keep grain in optimal conditions based on time and environmental data.

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Inventory Management

Digitize your supply chain with inventory visibility to your liquid fertilizer and chemical tanks, anhydrous bullets, grain bins, feed bins, flat storage, and covered bunkers for improved purchasing and delivery scheduling.

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Mobile Asset Management

Make calling members in hopes to see if they have a mobile tank ready for pick up a thing of the past. Easily locate mobile assets and view recent activity to help coordinate returns for refill to service your customers efficiently.

Climate and Environment

Get hyperlocal weather and environmental data for deciding if your sprayer team should go out for applications or understanding the impact weather will have on scheduled deliveries or shipments.

Activity Management

Get accurate motor and pump runtimes, flow meter volumes, outages, and time overages. Know which equipment is currently running or inactive, view historical usage data, and receive outage notifications.

ag retailer building with grain elevator, bins, and tanks

Upgrade vs. Replace

We extend the life of your existing infrastructure by integrating with or retrofitting your grain bins, feed bins, liquid tanks, anhydrous bullets, flat storage, covered bunkers, truck scales, and mobile equipment using a variety of sensors, devices, and software to bring them into the digital age.

grain bins with scale

Grain Management

Operate your grain facilities more efficiently. Improve grain quality by centrally managing parameters and reduce manual labor and human errors. Lower your energy consumption and costs by leveraging grain bin fan automation.

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Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks - 1024

Fertilizer Management

Your ERP inventory isn't always right. Access all your measured inventory data in one place. Our comprehensive solution gives visibility to dry bay fertilizer inventories, anhydrous ammonia (NH3), and liquid fertilizer (UAN) tank levels. Keep track of your mobile tanks and manage truck deliveries in season.

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Feed Truck at Bin

Feed Management

Our technology will help increase customers retention and deliver results. Reduce labor by planning ahead and pay less overtime with fewer weekend deliveries. Increase employee safety and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries by eliminating the need for truck drivers climbing feed bins. Your customers want feed to be there. Give your customers no reason to shop around.

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Hear what some of our customers have to say

I worked with RealmFive during several years at BI. During that time I found RealmFive to be very collaborative with a strong partnership mindset, easy to work with, creative at solving problems, and good at delivering to its commitments. Steve, Brant, and team were great professionals, good communicators and were a pleasure to work with. I wish them much success continuing to grow RealmFive.

Dr. Jens Kjaer

Boehringer Ingelheim/ Retired Director of Integrated Health Management, Swine

RealmFive brings collaboration and creative problem solving to the table.

I had been looking for more efficient opportunities to track grain quality at all of our locations instead of relying on someone to physically go check their bins when everyone is busy. We’ve worked with others in the past but weren’t able to come up with a viable solution that solved our challenges. RealmFive heard our needs and delivered a scalable solution to automate the fans across our commercial grain bins, as well as centralizing anhydrous ammonia inventory across our organization.

Craig Schultz

Frontier Cooperative/ Chief Operating Officer

RealmFive SMARTSITES provide centralized visibility, reduced labor, and standardization to ag retailers and cooperatives.

Within a few months of meeting, RealmFive was able to deliver a solution that provided me with a continuity plan. In the meantime, RealmFive has proven to offer reliable products and excellent customer service. In fact, the customer service offered by RealmFive has been the best I have experienced in my career.

Ryan Hutchison

South Country Equipment/ Integrated Solutions Manager

RealmFive provides reliable solutions from hardware to APIs.

We have enjoyed a valuable collaboration with RealmFive since we first started working together in 2019. Our team is impressed with their knowledge of the dairy industry’s needs and their ability to deliver results. Through our Farm Supplies staff, we are excited to offer leading technology from RealmFive to our farmer-owners.

Matt Musselman

Dairy Farmers of America/ Chief Operating Officer

RealmFive provides leading technology for dairies, delivering value from day one.

RealmFive listened to our needs and leveraged their technologies, along with newly developed applications, to solve some of our most challenging problems. It is a priority for Amalgamated Sugar to become an industry leader in advancing technology within our entire supply chain from farm to factory. As we seek to move our cooperative into a new era of automation, it is important for Amalgamated Sugar to not only have access to solutions like CLA and HALO from RealmFive but for those technologies to be supported by a trusted partner. The team at RealmFive continually demonstrates innovation, curiosity, and reliability, making them elite in delivering automation solutions for growth.

Brodie Griffin

Amalgamated Sugar Company/ VP of Agriculture

With RealmFive, enterprises centralize data visibility, reduce labor, and help enforce SOPs.

RealmFive R5 View - Ag Retail - Software for managing ag retail and cooperative inventory, grain, mobile tank assets, activity, and weather

Intuitive software

Quickly view your data and be notified of issues at the office or on the go with our RealmFive View cloud application.

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Proactive Support

Our Customer Support team’s top priority is to ensure continuity. RealmFive SMARTSITES include monitoring systems, troubleshooting, and continuous warranty. Our team also can provide installations, training, and site visits.

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