Reduce labor, improve visibility, increase efficiency, and enhance safety across your entire operation.

Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

  • Accurate liquid fertilizer inventory
  • Unify inventory types across sites
  • Buy and fill tanks during off-season

Anhydrous Bulk Storage

  • Accurate anhydrous ammonia (NH3) bulk inventory 
  • Unify inventory types across sites
  • Optimize deliveries during peak season

Dry Fertilizer Bays

  • Accurate dry fertilizer bay-based inventory
  • Unify inventory types across sites
  • Manage buying during off-season

Mobile Nurse Tanks

  • Remotely track non-powered tanks & other mobile assets
  • Manage deliveries across sites and fields
  • Improve assets utilization

Activity Monitoring

  • Pumping trends
  • Associate pump activities with deliveries & invoices
  • Manage systematic maintenance

Delivery Logistics

  • Confirm delivered loads from site to customer
  • Create audit trails
  • Remove paperwork and fool-proof invoices

Centralize Inventory Visibility

Use RealmFive Inventory View to access all of your fertilizer inventory.

  •  Inventory View
    • Sort list to find low tanks during season
      Identify remaining inventory at end of season
      Navigate to specific storage vessels via RealmFive Map View
      Export or integrate your inventory data into other systems
R5 View - Inventory List
Ag Retail UAN, Grain Bins, and Flat Storage

Connect your Operation

We provide turn-key solutions.

  •  Comprehensive Solution
    • Hardware
    • Connectivity
    • Software
  •  Seamless Functionality
    • plug & play
    • No setup

Fertilizer Deliveries

  •  Connect Static Inventories to Deliveries 
    • Automatically record ins / outs by load
      Route trucks to best tanks during season
      Eliminate inventory recording busy work
      Data automation enables faster invoicing
Fertilizer Delivery - 1024
UAN Tank - 1024

Unify Existing Systems.

Why not have all your fertilizer inventory in one place?

  •  We Take Care of the Details
    • View historical data
    • Enable SOP enforcement
    • User set thresholds and alerting
  •  Fertilizer Types
    • Liquid Fertilizer (UAN) Tanks
      Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
      Dry Fertilizer

Inventory Data like Magic!

RealmFive monitoring accesses tank inventories, and makes the tank inventory data available in an easy-to-sort view across all of your tanks and sites.  

  •  Who does what?
    • RealmFive takes care of everything.
      We deploy the technology at all your sites, set you up, and make the data available to you like magic.
  •  What are the Benefits?
    • Never worry about inventory measurements again.
Frontier NH3 - 1024
Dry Fertilizer - 1024

Digitize Dry Fertilizer

RealmFive engineers continue to innovate to bring you valuable solutions for your operation.

  •  Why Important?
    • Keep track of inventory during season
    • Make quick decisions as markets change
    • Minimize inventory at end of season
  •  How does it Work?
    • RealmFive engineers developed a novel solution that scans the inventory surface and converts the 3D shape to volume and mass
  •  How to Use?
    • RealmFive Inventory View enables filtering and sorting of inventories in an easy-to-sort view across all of your bays and sites

Ops Tracking for 

Mobile Tanks

Mobile inventory is meant to turn loads, not sit in fields.

  •  Why Important?
    • Lost equipment utilization
    • Stranded inventory ties up working capital
    • Missing tanks result in late customer invoices
  •  Benefits
    • Increased personnel productivity
    • Efficiency improvements via reduced drive time
    • Improve invoicing due to delivery confirmation
NH3 Mobile Tanks - 1024
Ammonia Tank Install - 1024

We'll take care of it!

Professional technicians deploys all the technology for you so your team can run at peak efficiency.

  •  What's Included?
    • Full manufacturers warranty while under additional costs
      Trust our customer success professionals to do what they do everyday.
  •  Benefits
    • All the benefits with none of the work.
    • Your people have their regular work to do.
    • Increased personnel productivity
    • Rely on uptime. When we take care of you, you can better serve your customers.

Advanced Analytics

The industry is evolving quickly.  Don't get behind your competitors.  Let RealmFive turn your data into actionable information.

  •  Standardized Data Collection 
    • Vast amounts of data is aggregated and integrated into RealmFive View, first providing  enterprise-level visibility.
      Monitor trends, identify patterns, and uncover insights that can drive informed decision-making.
  •  Data-Driven Optimization of Assets
    • Optimize processes and operations.
      Identify inefficiencies
    • Optimize resource utilization
    • Implement improvements to maximize profitability
NH3 Trackers

Reduce Labor & Improve Safety 

Better inventory data without safety risk. There is a better way!  Let RealmFive help.

  •  Reduce Labor Requirements
    • Leverage reliable remote data collection to eliminate in-season inventory measurements
      Create audit trails to ensure customer success and understand use rates and field activities
      Remove paperwork and fool-proof invoices
  •  Increase Employee Safety
    • Eliminate the need for personnel to gather data from unsafe locations.
    • Why still require people to climb tanks and bins?
      Minimize the risk of accidents, injuries, and harm.
UAN Tank Installation - 1024
Daniel at Computer - 1024

Proactive Maintenance

Our Customer Support team’s top priority is to ensure continuity.

  •  SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    • Routine maintenance includes inspections, troubleshooting, and upgrades or repairs
      Our team gives the white glove service from installs and service to support
  •  Proactive Monitoring
    • Regular monitoring 
    • Minimizes downtime
    • Ensures peak performance

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