Success Stories

Digital. Agriculture.

Agriculture is undergoing digital transformation for supply chain, labor resources, and data management. RealmFive has been a trusted name in networking, hardware equipment, system monitoring, and user-friendly software for large scale operations, including remote locations. Our customer service team is second to none and makes sure you are getting the value from your technology investment. 


SMARTSITES by RealmFive is an innovative, growth-focused framework of devices, software, networking, and services as a seamless, cross-functional platform that scales with your business goals. It drives profitability through smarter workflows, resource management, and labor optimization through increased data visibility, business intelligence, and data-driven automation across your entire enterprise.

SMARTSITES in action.


RealmFive has a proven track record of innovative solutions spanning inventory, grain, livestock, traceability, crop production, and processing. SMARTSITES ties it all together to get a live view of your operation, no matter the scale, and empower you to make data-driven decisions.


Whether you limit access to a single location or need regional or corporate visibility of your operation, RealmFive SMARTSITES puts the information at your fingertips in the office or on the go. Gain operational efficiencies for purchasing and logistics and flow of inventory and information.

Virtual Operations

Get up-to-date information without having to send someone out to perform a status check or inventory level, mitigating risk and surprises. Remotely monitor and control systems any time of the day. Become proactive with notifications before something becomes an issue.


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"I had been looking for more efficient opportunities to track grain quality at all of our locations instead of relying on someone to physically go check their bins when everyone is busy.  RealmFive heard our needs and delivered a scalable solution to automate the fans across our commercial grain bins, as well as centralizing anhydrous ammonia inventory across our organization."


Craig Schultz

COO, Frontier Cooperative