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Smart Sites - Swine

RealmFive delivers enterprise solutions to manage the Swine REALM.

RealmFive Smart Sites for Swine enables managers to have a better view across their operations.  RealmFive View improves feed and effluent management, visibility to remote animal environments, and aids environmental compliance reporting by providing automatic data reporting and alerts for environment, feed, water, and effluent.

Enhanced visibility enables improved communication between team members and multi-site oversight for managers.  Be proactive in reducing feed outages, reducing water waste, and improve animal health.

  • Barn Environment
    • Environmental, water consumption, and feed monitoring
    • Effluent compliance data for reporting
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Feed Inventory
    • Environmental, water consumption, and feed bay monitoring
    • Effluent compliance data for reporting
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Deep Pit Inventory
    • Ranch View for environmental and water consumption monitoring
    • Effluent compliance data for reporting
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Lagoon Inventory
    • Barn View for in-barn environmental, water consumption, and feed
    • Effluent compliance data for reporting
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities via Barn View
  • Effluent Traceability
    • Deep pit, lagoon, and slurry tank inventory monitoring
    • Pipeline, flow meter, and pivot irrigation effluent movement / application monitoring
    • Effluent traceability via slurry tanker & drag line application
  • Feed Traceability
    • Feed bin inventory monitoring & feed line outage detection
    • Feed traceability and delivery confirmation via feed truck
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
Barn View Chart - 1024

RealmFive Barn View

Access all your barns and sites with Barn View.  Barn View offers an easy-to-use interface to help with management decisions.

  •  Barn View Benefits
    • View individual points of interest across your Smart Swine sites
      Set thresholds and access automated alerts
      Rest assured that animals are being cared for across your spread-out enterprise

Unification of Systems

RealmFive is the industry leader in reliably accessing data from remote locations in the hardest to reach areas of the world. 

  •  What should you connect?
    • Temperatures per barn room 
      Flow meters
      Feed bins
      Feed lines
      Deep pits
      Fans for runtime / off-line alerting
      Lagoon levels
Swine Barn - 1024
Barn View Site Connectivity - 1024

Centralized Visibility

RealmFive Barn View helps to keep track environments, water, feed, pits, and lagoons across remote barns and sites.

  •  Depend on RealmFive
    • Reliable drop-in connectivity
      Standardize data collection
      Access your data
      Improve remote site management
      Enforce SOP's

Keep Tabs on Feed Outages

Barns run out of feed way too often.  Sometimes you have feed but it is bridged.  At times, someone forgets to pull the other feed bin slide.

  •  Feed Outage Monitoring
    • Remotely monitor feed outage events by feed line
      Feed outage alerts
Swine Barn Feed Outage - 1024
Swine Feed Bin

Feed Inventory across Bins

Barns run out of feed way too often!  Sometimes you have feed but it is bridged.  It is time to remove the people error and have robust solutions.  Remove the hammers and depend on RealmFive.

  •  Feed Bin Solutions
    • Remote feed bin level monitoring
      View feed consumption trends
      Combine with feed outage to understand bridging vs. actual feed outages

Barn Water Consumption

Generate automated alerts for barn water trends.

  •  Water is Critical
    • Water consumption by barn or room
      Detect leaks
    • Reduce wasted water
      Prompt, proactive alerting
Flex Mini for Water Consumption - 1024
Flex Mini Environmental - 1024

Easily Installed & Big Value

RealmFive devices are designed to be easily deployed, with most installations taking 5 minutes or less.

  •  Flex Mini Temp / Feed
    • Temperature monitoring
      Feed outage detection
  •  Flex Mini Water
    • Connect up to 2 digital output flow meters

Feed Delivery Traceability

Leverage RealmFive technology to provide new insights about your operation. RealmFive can provide a full solution for feed traceability.  Provide fool-proofing to bins, reduce trips to already full bins, and work toward a future where you have full audit traceability.

  •  Fully Connected Solution
    • Confirm feed deliveries to specific sites, barns, and bins
      See feed truck status
      Associate repeat operations

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Dykhuis Feed Truck - 1024
Swine Lagoon - 1024

Effluent Movement Traceability

RealmFive can provide a full solution for effluent traceability.  Work toward a future where you have full data for audit traceability.

  •  Fully Connected Solution
    • Lagoon levels
      Pit levels
      Slurry pit levels
      Effluent pipeline pressures
      Application by center pivot
      Tanker truck route tracking
      Application by drag line

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Installation Services

RealmFive service personnel are familiar with biosecurity policies and are able to assist you with deployment and maintenance of technology at your barns & sites.

Barn View Flex Mini - Temp Feed
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Great Collaborations

"I worked with RealmFive during several years at BI. During that time I found RealmFive to be very collaborative with a strong partnership mindset, easy to work with, creative at solving problems, and good at delivering to its commitments. Steve, Brant, and team were great professionals, good communicators and were a pleasure to work with. I wish them much success continuing to grow RealmFive.”

Jens Kjaer
Retired Director of Integrated Health Management, Swine
Boehringer Ingelheim

We Support our Products.

All RealmFive products are developed and manufactured in-house, and we have the expertise to make improvements over time. When selecting RealmFive, you are not just making a one-time purchase.  You are selecting RealmFive as a trusted partner, whose value will increase to you over time.

  •  Why RealmFive?
    • Our team knows the swine business
    • We keep innovating
    • Our products are built in the USA, not in China
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