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Smart Sites - Ranch

RealmFive delivers enterprise solutions to manage the Ranch REALM.

RealmFive Smart Sites for Ranch operations enables owners to have a better view across their ranch.  RealmFive View simplifies daily activities, providing near real-time data to provide visibility to remote water, grazing, and animal environments.  Automated alerts save wasted time.

  • Stock Tanks
    • Stock tank water levels on your phone
    • Historical data 
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Pump Activity
    • Know when your water pumps are working
    • Maintenance intervals
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Windmill Activity
    • Know when your windmills are pumping
    • Maintenance intervals
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Water Consumption
    • Connect a flow meter 
    • Historical water consumption data with data export capability
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Barn Environments
    • Temp, humidity, water consumption, and feed bin monitoring
    • Historical data with data export capability
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Weather
    • Vetted third party environmental sensors
    • TrueSync guaranteed data delivery
    • User set thresholds, alerting, data exports, and API capabilities
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Spend More Time with Family

Certain daily chores just don't make sense anymore. Use technology to give you time back for the important things in life

  •  Ranch Technologies 
    • Stock tank level monitoring
      Windmill / pump activity monitoring
      Weather / rainfall monitoring
    • Barn environment monitoring

Your Neighbors will be Jealous!

Share how you use RealmFive to reduce daily chores!

  •  Better Uses of Time
    • Spend more time with your show animals
      Spend more time at the lake
      Enjoy more baseball games with kids
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Time Best Spent

There are things you must do and things that you choose to do.

  •  Life is Full of Choices
    • Spend your time on life's important things
    • Create lasting memories
      You don't always need to be working

Stop Worrying!

Let RealmFive help you with your daily busy work.

  •  Life is Full of Choices
    • Keep your animals comfortable with environmental monitoring
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Never Run out of Water!

Guardian by Behlen, Powered by RealmFive saves you time and money.

  •  Guardian Benefits
    • Reduce trips checking tanks
      Ranch View keeps track of all your stock tanks in one place
      Set alerts to be notified upon set water levels
      Use your time more effectively
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Remotely Access Weather

Ranch View even supports weather.

  •  Be Smarter & Drive Less
    • See what is going with your remote fields / pastures before driving there
      Know when to move cattle to new pastures
    • Keep your animals happy
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Build Your Own Smart Ranch

Connect your ranch with RealmFive Smart Sites:

  •  Spend Less Time Driving
    • Are your water pumps and windmills working?
      Rest assured with low water level alerts
      Remotely measure water consumption
    • Get time back

Experts that Care

If you have any issues, we are here to help!

  •  Ensure Your Success
    • Know that we have your back
    • We will get back to you.
    • Let us help you
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Let's talk

Start the conversation with one of our experts today!