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Smart Sites - Dairy

RealmFive delivers enterprise solutions to manage the Dairy REALM.

RealmFive Smart Sites for Dairy enables managers to have a better view across their operations.  RealmFive View improves feed and effluent management, visibility to remote animal environments, and aids environmental compliance reporting by providing automatic data reporting and alerts for environment, feed, water, and effluent.

Enhanced visibility enables improved communication between team members and multi-site oversight for managers.  Know your operation better and make better decision-making, improve safety, and operational productivity.

  • Bulk Feed Inventory
    • Bay-based bulk feed inventory monitoring
    • Centralized inventory visibility
    • Predictions on empty
  • Feed Bin Inventory
    • Bin-based feed inventory monitoring & feed line outage detection
    • Centralized inventory visibility
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Effluent Management
    • Lagoon and slurry tank inventory monitoring
    • Effluent compliance data for reporting
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Barn Environment
    • Dairy barn environment monitoring
    • Proactively adjust barn conditions to keep cows comfortable
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
  • Effluent Traceability
    • Combine lagoon and slurry tank inventory monitoring with pipeline, flow meter, and pivot irrigation effluent movement
    • Effluent traceability via slurry tanker & drag line application
  • Feed Traceability
    • Combine feed bin inventory monitoring & feed line outage detection with truck deliveries
    • Feed traceability and delivery confirmation via feed truck
    • User set thresholds / alerting capabilities
R5 View - Lagoon Level - 1024

Throw away the notebooks!

You know that your personnel don't keep good track of compliance data.  It is time to protect yourself by standardizing this important task.

  •  Automated Data Collection
    • Eliminate data gaps
    • Record data even in bad weather
    • Prove your good operating practices
  •  Data Exporting
    • Just download the data
    • Easily submit to reporting agency
    • You no longer need an expensive person managing your effluent data

Automate Reporting for Compliance

The RealmFive Float System automatically measures and remotely reports lagoon levels.  RealmFive View is an intuitive dashboard for managing your remote operations.

  •  Effluent Data Collection
    • Standardize your data collection
      Enforce SOP's across your enterprise
      Download historical data for easy compliance reporting
Dairy Lagoon - 1024
New York Lagoon

Reduce Paperwork Headaches

RealmFive enables access to consistent data from hard to reach areas.  No need to rely on personnel.  Rest assured that your effluent data is being captured.

  •  Functionality
    • Effluent inventories across structures
      Wireless data transfer
      Data export capability for compliance reporting
  •  Benefits
    • Proactive level alerts
      Consistent inventories for recordkeeping
      Set alert thresholds

Manage Feed as a Service Providers

Use RealmFive bulk inventory monitoring to proactively order feed.

  •  Plan Better to Reduce Emergencies
    • Reduce surprises / reduce feed outages
      Reduce weekend and after-hour delivery charges
      Timely deliveries = efficienct operation
    • Integrate your feed by data to your feed company.
Dry Bay Feed Truck - 1024
Dry Feed Bay - 1014

Eliminate Feed Surprises

Use RealmFive to help you to anticipate and mitigate bulk feed outages.

  •  New Technology for Bulk Feed
    • Standardize data collection across feed types
      Remotely view and manage bulk feed inventories
      Utilize proactive outage projections to improve feed ordering
      Eliminate feed outages for your operation

Stop Worrying

Nothing is more important than having enough feed.  Use RealmFive to keep track of bin and tank-based feeds.

  •  View Inventory in One Place
    • Monitor feed inventories across dry bays
      Monitor feed inventories across bins
      Monitor whey tank inventories
Dairy Feed Bins - 1024
Flex Mini - 1014

Happy Cows

You know that your cows perform better when they are comfortable.  Keep barn temperatures in line with RealmFive.

  •  Barn Environment
    • Monitor ambient temps inside your barn at key locations
      Measure water consumption
      Keep track of service intervals for a variety of equipment

Professional Installations

We will take care of the technology installation for you or you can leverage one of our trusted service providers.  You don't need to do anything.

Professional Installation
Tom Haren Head Shot

Long-Term Relationships

"I have known the RealmFive team for several years. During that time, RealmFive has provided technologies that help solve problems related to effluent management for my production livestock clients. I have come to rely on RealmFive as a valued partner and trust them to do what they say they will do. RealmFive understands the agriculture market and is highly competent to apply technology to solve big issues facing livestock producers."

Tom Haren

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