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Smart Sites - Crops

RealmFive delivers enterprise solutions to manage the Agronomy REALM

RealmFive delivers a flexible ecosystem for agronomic sensing with zero configuration deployments.  Get data flowing in seconds.

Smart Sites for Crops, enables consultancies and researchers to be the trusted advisor; spend less time in the field and more time consulting  your customers.

  • Reliable Connectivity
    • Solar Powered "Drop-in" Network
    • Carrier Agnostic
    • Longest range in-field wireless
  • Flexible Ecosystem
    • Durable “ag-tough” equipment
    • Industry standard sensor integrations
    • Multiple wireless technologies
  • Global Partnerships
    • Deploy where ag happens
    • Global network support
    • Multi-country installer network
  • Industry Best Support
    • 5-star support rating
    • Remote diagnostics and device updates
    • Daily performance reporting
  • Data Security and Privacy
    • Encrypted data transfers
    • Data redundancy and validation
    • Over the air-software-updates
  • Software Development
    • Modern Cloud APIs
    • Easy data exports
    • Engineering support options
Soybean Field - 1024


Vineyard - 1024


RealmFive Irrigation View

Access your field data in a single view.  PAW (Plant Available Water) analytics help with watering decisions.

  •  What are the Benefits?
    • Improve watering decisions.
    • User set thresholds
R5 Irrigation View

Industry Leading Connectivity

RealmFive is the industry leader in reliably accessing data from remote locations in the hardest to reach areas of the world. 

  •  Leading Technology
    • Drop-in, solar-powered networks
    • TruSync guaranteed data delivery
      Over-the-Air software updates
  •  Multiple Wireless Options
    • LoRa
    • Bluetooth
    • Cellular

We are people you want to work with

We really do want to help you.  This is a core part of our DNA.

  •  Experts that Care
    • We providing excellent service
    • We help you meet your objectives
      We meet with you to understand your needs
      We architect the right solution for your enterprise
Customer Service Team - 1024
Coding Screen - 1024

Your Data your Way

We have the easiest options for getting your data.

  •  How to Access Your Data?
    • As a R5 customer, you automatically have access to your data
    • You will have your own API key
    • Only you have access to your data

RealmFive Smart Fields

RealmFive applies its Smart Site principles to a number of applications, including irrigated fields.

  •  Data Streams to Consider
    • Soil moisture
      Water flow
      Irrigator water pressure
      Equipment activity
Smart Site - Agronomy - 1024

Unify your field data with RealmFive Smart Fields

Weather Station Outback - 1024


RealmFive has local weather covered, including all of the relevant communication options.

RealmFive Flex in Corn - 1024

Soil Moisture

RealmFive has all of the soil moisture options covered, including all of the relevant soil probe options.

Flip for Flow Meters - 1024


RealmFive offers powerful technology in a small package.  Flip tech monitors equipment vibration, enabling insights.

Sugar Beets Rain Bucket - 1024


RealmFive provides all of the field environmental options.  Pull in rainfall data wherever it makes sense.

Irrigation Pipeline Pressure - 1024


Pipe pressure is a necessary part of your field irrigation.  Set alerts and know when you are irrigating with too low or high pressures.

Center Pivot NE - 1024


A universal solution for getting irrigation data into the same platform with your other field data.  The irrigation company does not even have to play nice.

Weather Station Bridgeport - 1024

The Best in Weather

RealmFive offers a full suite of environmental sensing to enable data access from remote fields in the hardest to reach areas of the world.

  •  Weather Sensing Options
    • Wind Speed / Direction / Gusts
      Temperature / Relative Humidity
      Barometric Pressure
      Optional Soil Moisture
      Optional Solar Radiation
      Optional Leaf Wetness

Access soil data with the industry's best monitoring capabilities!

RealmFive Flex in Vineyard - 1024

Flex - CA

RealmFive makes soil moisture monitoring easy by integrating with industry-leading capacitance soil moisture probe options.  We primarily recommend AquaCheck & Sentek capacitance probes.

RealmFive Flex in Corn - 1024

Flex - WM

RealmFive makes soil moisture monitoring easy by integrating with industry-proven Watermark brand soil moisture sensors.  assemble your own or purchase those professional manufactured by RealmFive.

Furrow Installation 2


RealmFive makes soil moisture monitoring easy by integrating with industry-proven Watermark brand soil moisture sensors.  assemble your own or purchase those professional manufactured by RealmFive.

Furrow Technology

RealmFive is always pushing the envelope of what's possible.  Our patented technology even transmits soil data wirelessly through the soil.

  •  What Makes Furrow Better?
    • Leverage your agronomy staff over more acres by removing the hassle of annual technology installations and removals!
    • Access soil data also over the winter, not just through the growing season
  •  Can I Depend on Data from Furrow?
    • Reduced soil disturbance reduces the time to reach equilibrium, resulting in more reliable data
  •  Are there Other Benefits?
    • Bury Furrow and reduce the chance of probes being damaged by equipment or stolen
Furrow Diagram - 1024
Soybean Field Sutherland NE - 1024

Vetted Industry Sensors

RealmFive does the tough work of integrating and vetting out the myriad of available sensor options.  By selecting RealmFive as your Smart Sites partner, you can rest assured that you have:

  •  Ease of Installation 
    • Reliable connected sensors
      Easy-to-install devices
    • Common installation procedure makes training new people easy
  •  Seamless Experience
    • Reliable wireless connectivity
      Technology that works together seamlessly
      A partner that cares about your success

White-Labeled Solutions

RealmFive provides white-labeled solutions to agronomy firms to enable the best in connected fields.

  •  How do I get my Name on it.
    • Provide your firm's logo
      • Minimum order quantities may apply 
        Associate with leading RealmFive connectivity
  •  How do I access my Data?
    • Use RealmFive View
      RealmFive's leading API
    • Pull your data into another data platform
RealmFive Weather Station - Crop Intelligence - 1024

Within a few months of meeting, RealmFive was able to deliver a solution that provided me with a continuity plan. In the meantime, RealmFive has proven to offer reliable products and excellent customer service. In fact, the customer service offered by RealmFive has been the best I have experienced in my career.

Ryan Hutchinson

Ryan Hutchinson

South Country Equipment / Integrated Solutions Manager

RealmFive provides reliable solutions from hardware to APIs.

Experience in the Field

RealmFive engineers and support personnel have decades of agronomy experience.  We know the rigors that our technology needs to meet.  That's why RealmFive Smart Field technologies work so well!

Soil Moisture Installation - 1024
Nebraska Corn Dirt Road - 1024

Developer-Friendly API's

We want you to have access to your data in the platform of your choice.

  •  Options to Consider
    • RealmFive View
      John Deere Operations Center
      Other connected RealmFive partner platform
      API into the platform of your choice

We are here to help!

Customers consistently grade RealmFive Customer Support personnel 4.5+ out of 5 stars.

  •  Professionalism Matters
    • We follow up on requests.
      We do what we say we will do.
      We communicate.
      We get to the bottom of issues.
Soybean Field R5 Cap

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