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Smart Sites - Ag Retail

RealmFive delivers enterprise solutions to manage the Ag Retail REALM

RealmFive provides powerful solutions for ag retailers by unifying multi-site inventories and automating grain quality decisions. 

Reduce labor and enhance operational efficiency using RealmFive services designed to seamlessly integrate with complicated, multi-site enterprises.

  • Grain Management
    • Multi-site inventory visibility
    • Centrally managed aeration protocols
    • Remotely automate grain bin aeration
  • Fertilizer Management
    • Multi-site inventory across types and vessels
    • Coordinated delivery operations
    • Visibility into load times and durations
  • Feed Management
    • Technology-enabled, keep-full services
    • Plan ahead & reduce overtime
    • Reduce redundant labor with more efficient delivery systems
  • Mobile Assets Management
    • Locate and learn insights on mobile inventories
    • Manage producers holding assets
    • Improve asset utilization 
  • Activity Monitoring
    • Make pumps, fans, and motors “smart” 
    • Visualize inventory movement trends
    • Alert on movement
  • Delivery Logistics
    • Confirm deliveries
    • Generate audit trails for loads
    • Dramatically reduce scale house labor 
Map View Waverly

RealmFive View

RealmFive View enables you to see all of your inventory assets geospatially in a single platform.

  •  What can I use it for?
    • Grain Inventories
      Fertilizer Inventories
      Feed Inventories
    • Herbicide Inventories
    • Pumps, Motors, & Fans

I had been looking for more efficient opportunities to track grain quality at all of our locations instead of relying on someone to physically go check their bins when everyone is busy. We’ve worked with others in the past but weren’t able to come up with a viable solution that solved our challenges. RealmFive heard our needs and delivered a scalable solution to automate the fans across our commercial grain bins, as well as centralizing anhydrous ammonia inventory across our organization.

Craig Schultz

Craig Schultz

Frontier Cooperative / Chief Operating Officer

RealmFive Smart Sites provide centralized visibility, reduced labor, and standardization to ag retailers and cooperatives.

Why RealmFive Smart Sites?

Unmatched industry expertise enable RealmFive to connect all parts of your organization.

  •  What does it do?
    • Automate data collection across sites
    • Enable centralized visibility of enterprise inventories
    • Automate operations for mobile assets
  •  Benefits
    • Automatically assign contracts to loads
      Fool-proof delivery paperwork
      Reduce mistakes, fraud, and errors
R5 Smart Site - Frontier Ceresco
Ag Retail UAN, Grain Bins, and Flat Storage

Unify Existing Systems

RealmFive connects existing infrastructure across spread-out operations and provides dashboards, SOP enforcement, and alerting.

  •  Infrastructure to Connect
    • Grain Bins
    • Feed Bins
      Liquid Tanks
      Anhydrous Bullets
      Flat Storage
    • Covered Bunkers
    • Truck Scales
      Mobile Equipment

Automate Remote Grain Sites

You want to operate your grain facilities more efficiently.  Now there is a way.

  •  Improve Grain Quality
    • Centrally manage grain quality parameters
    • Reduce manual labor
      Minimize human errors by enforcing SOP's
  •  Reduce Energy Costs
    • Leverage standard rules to automate grain fans
      Turn fans off when not needed
    • Minimize energy consumption
Frontier Ceresco - 1024
Frontier NH3 - 1024

Centrally Manage Fertilizer

Your ERP inventory is not right.  Access all your measured inventory data in one place.

  •  Comprehensive Solution
    • Dry bay fertilizer inventories
      Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) inventories
      Liquid fertilizer (UAN) tank inventories
  •  Don't Forget the Mobile Inventory
    • We have solutions for mobile tanks
    • Best manage truck deliveries, in season

Trusted Feed Service

We can provide you technology that will make your customers depend on you more.

  •  Reduce Labor
    • Plan ahead and pay less overtime
    • Reduce weekend deliveries
  •  Increase Employee Safety
    • Minimize the risk of accidents and injuries
      Eliminate truck drivers climbing feed bins
  •  Make More Money
    • Your customers just want feed to be there
    • Give your customers no reason to look around
Feed Truck at Bin - 1024

Proactive Maintenance

Our Customer Support team’s top priority is to ensure continuity.

  •  SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    • Routine maintenance includes inspections, troubleshooting, and upgrades or repairs
      Our team gives the white glove service from installs and service to support
  •  Proactive Monitoring
    • Regular monitoring 
    • Minimizes downtime
    • Ensures peak performance
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