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Connect your operation like never before

Learn about the Connection Platform that won a 2019 AE 50 award.

Connect all your key systems

Connect everything from your field conditions to your combine all the way to the fans in your bins. RealmFive offers simple, easy-to-setup connection solutions for the key parts of your operation.


Wireless Monitoring Device

Easily send sensor data – even through tough biomass conditions — freeing you to think about your operation, not your network.


Cellular Gateway

Cut costs without cutting reliability. Connect countless devices under one long-range connection point.


State Monitoring Device

Easily bring your tools online, even if they are 20 years old. Be notified immediately when a key system goes down.

Pivot Monitoring

Pivot Tower Alignment and Monitor

Keep an eye on your Pivot quickly and reliably from our web app. See history, positioning, and faults at your fingertips.

Partner Sensors


Rain Bucket

Get rain totals exactly where you need it. Made reliably wireless with the R5 core.



A standard for 30 years for a reason, now R5 Cloud enabled with the R5 Core via Flex.


Sub Surface Probe

Making capacitance sensors even better with quick setup and R5 Core via Flex.


Drill and Drop

Easy install and reliable wireless connection with R5 Core via Flex.


Get a simple, reliable, and cost-effective wireless solution today.

"Over the 2018 crop growing season we achieved a 98% data packet reliability to the cloud over hundreds of RealmFive devices… RealmFive has achieved a step-function improvement in data transmission distance and data delivery reliability over other telemetry brands."

Atif Khan
Sr, Scientific Manager for Connected Systems and IoT
Climate Corporation

R5 Cloud

You know your operation better than anyone. We give you the tools to manage your operation how you need.

View and manage your operation from one convenient location.

Manage users, fields, farms, and organizations.

Or, use our powerful API to pull the raw data into your own system.

Easily track device and network health.

See what your sensors are reading.

R5 Core

Easily connect your product to the cloud with the R5 Core programmable module. Take advantage of simple integration, low power requirements, remote update capabilities, and True Sync™ technology.

Simply put — get access to the best wireless connectivity built for agriculture.

"RealmFive offers the best wireless technology that I've seen that is powerful and reliable enough for field-use at an affordable price."

Austin Bontrager
Ag Technology Specialist
Servi-Tech Expanded Premium Services

Connect Your Operation or Device

Are you ready to stop being frustrated and start feeling empowered by your data? Or, are you looking for a partner to help bring your device to the cloud? Ask us how we can help connect your operation.


We make some big claims and we’re excited for where we’re going. If you’re still not sure about it, we get it. Come watch as we change agriculture.

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