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Why RealmFive

bring your operation online

Connect All Your Key Systems
Your operation is complex and tricky to manage. Now you can easily manage and monitor your site with a simple, reliable network: the Connectivity Platform from RealmFive. Make your operation more effective and efficient overnight.

Connectivity Platform

Using wireless technology, the Connectivity Platform connects you to the cloud.


Designed to be easy to install and easy to maintain


New wireless tech means your data gets through, even in thick foliage


Multiple devices wirelessly connect to a single device

Over the 2018 crop growing season we achieved a 98% data packet reliability to the cloud over hundreds of RealmFive devices. RealmFive has achieved a step-function improvement in data transmission distance and data delivery reliability over other telemetry brands.

Atif Khan

Sr. Scientific Manager for Connected Systems and IOT, The Climate Corporation

RealmFive Connectivity Platform Technology

R5 Core

Making products cloud-compatible

R5 Cloud

Your field data to your own database