How Reliable Connectivity Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

Mechanization and hybridization provided the opportunity for small farms to scale with the ability to cover more acres in less time as well as and significantly increase the productivity of those same acres.

Today, farms have grown immensely and production has significantly increased; however, the lack of available labor is pushing the whole industry to find new ways to increase production with less manpower. 

Access to data and automation is transforming farm management from instinct to data-driven decision making. Traditionally producers’ longevity and experience gave them a competitive edge. Today the volume of data allows for accelerated learning so producers can act and rapidly adapt to market shifts. Making reliable, affordable connectivity more important than ever for growers and producers. 

New technologies allow growers to improve production by increasing the productivity of their land. “Precise application of inputs…allows farmers to adjust inputs to location-based characteristics and use exact amounts needed, which saves money and increases sustainability due to more efficient resource stewardship.”1 

Growers able to utilize decision agriculture have the opportunity to achieve overall higher efficiencies by minimizing their inputs and maximizing their outputs.

The lack of broadband connectivity in rural areas has slowed the adoption of decision agriculture and its benefits from spreading to many growers. 

“The FCC’s latest numbers suggest that 21.3 million Americans lack access to fixed broadband.”2

The majority of decision ag solutions rely on reliable internet connectivity in the field to push data from one place to the next, resulting in vast amounts of agricultural land unable to utilize decision agriculture because of unreliable connectivity. 

The RealmFive Connectivity Platform is different. RealmFive utilizes long-range networks with efficient devices to access reliable data. Using TrueSync, data isn’t removed from a device until it’s made it to the cloud, giving growers a complete dataset. This enables growers, even in remote areas, to be able to access decision ag data they wouldn’t have been able to before.

Complete Season Field Data

“Over the 2018 crop growing season, we achieved a 98% data packet reliability to the cloud over hundreds of RealmFive devices. RealmFive has achieved a step-function improvement in data transmission distance and data delivery reliability over other telemetry brands.”
~Atif Khan, Sr. Scientific Manager for Connected Systems and IOT, The Climate Corporation

TrueSync technology ensures a complete dataset every season for growers. This complete data allows growers to make better farm management decisions that will result in higher yields, increased efficiency, and higher profits year over year. 

All of RealmFive’s field products utilize TrueSync technology so producers can have accurate data from every device year over year. 

These complete datasets also enable growers to achieve the necessary production advances required to feed the masses while also finding efficiencies in productivity, traceability, and environmental stewardship.

Remote Connectivity

Reliable rural connectivity also gives growers the option to collect data from even their most remote fields. One of the biggest challenges for growers adopting decision agriculture is access to rural broadband or cellular connectivity. 

RealmFive R5 Core products are designed specifically for tough field conditions. The R5 wireless technology transfers data through even thick foliage, making this extremely low-power, long-range tech perfect for remote applications.

By gaining accurate season data on remote (previously unreachable) fields growers can now maximize efficiency, yields, and achieve higher profits year over year. 

Realtime Data

Through whole-farm connectivity, growers are able to use realtime data from their various field products to make farm management decisions and adjustments throughout the season. 

The ability to respond quickly and accurately is a luxury the eras before ours did not have.

For example, “When growing melons, for instance, realtime data can help farmers overcome challenges in storing and shipping their products…When refrigerated storage is full or the market price is at peak, the “Internet of Things” can provide realtime information about where the trucks are located and locating customers to market products to help make the sale.”1 

With accurate, realtime data, provided through one simple platform growers can easily get a complete overview to see where management adjustments are needed and can make informed management decisions faster.

During the era of decision agriculture data is everything, “the agriculture industry continues to be called upon to produce more with finite resources.” 3 Access to accurate data will allow today’s growers and producers to get more work done in less time, increase farm productivity, and deliver highly nutritious foods to consumers.

RealmFive wireless connectivity is designed to provide growers with simple, reliable, scalable coverage for even remote operations and fields. 


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Marketing Communication Manager

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