RealmFive software puts you in charge.

With RealmFive View, a quick glance at the top-level map lets you see multiple data points all on one screen – no matter what the source. Barn View, Inventory View, Irrigation View – each application allows you to see everything at a glance or choose the information that’s important to you right now.

Easy-to-read modules allow you to view sensor data, get device health notifications, set customizable alerts, and manage just who gets to see what (because you’re in charge, after all.)

As easy to use as it is powerful.

If you can use a smartphone, you can put the benefits of connected agriculture to work for you.

Updates can be automatically made, new features added, new brands and types of sensors seamlessly incorporated into your RealmFive View.

Certified dealers are trained in the installation and operation of the RealmFive View and are ready to help you get the most out of your system.

No more water worries

Irrigation View gives you the power to manage with precision irrigation with pinpoint accuracy. See your entire irrigation operation – pivots, pumps, ponds, moisture – in one view. Dive in to any view for more detail.

Go deeper

Look at all soil probes to get to see the big picture or choose one probe and dive deeper. See first foot moisture, below first foot moisture; set the parameters for the metrics that matter to you and your operation.

Know what’s going on in the barn without going into the barn.

RealmFive Smart Barn monitoring offers transparency across the board regarding feed, water, and air – so you can spot small problems before they become big ones. Swine operations become more efficient, less labor intensive, and more profitable.

Barn View lets you monitor:

  • Water flow
  • Humidity
  • Feed levels
  • Temperature
  • Effluent level

See site level, specific barns, or individual rooms. Set alerts to ping you and your team when something needs attention. And you decide who gets notifications.

Site Level Screen

The Site View tab shows your entire confinement operation in one view. An easy-to-read display lets you know green, yellow, or red status across the site.

Barn Level Screen

Choose a specific barn to see status and how a particular barn in operating.

Room Level Screen

Focus in on an individual room for even more detail – temperature, humidity, and more, without having to enter the barn.

Take inventory management to a new level

RealmFive’s Inventory View is a time and labor-saver. No more wondering just where liquid levels are – one screen can show your whole operation. Set notifications for when inventory runs low, see available capacity – you can even connect to your supplier to have reorders made automatically.

Top Level Site View

Monitor large non-combustible liquid tanks on a site level, or individual tank level. One tab gives you the big picture.

Tank Level View

Stake the guesswork out of liquid storage – you’ll always know tank levels without having to physically go to the tank.

Trend Screen

See trends over time – weekly, monthly, annually – you choose the parameters. Set custom notifications to give you a heads up when you’re running low.

Want to know more about how to put the RealmFive View to work for you?