Securing Reliable Connectivity at Climate Corporation

Immediately recognizable for Climate FieldView, the Climate Corporation is closely coupled to the agtech industry. Which means that their research farms need reliable field communications that won’t slow them — or their extensive testing — down.

Before trying RealmFive, Climate Corp had a complicated system of collecting in-field data: a plethora of vendors, some devices that required cellular connections, and some that logged data to in-field hard drives. Atif Khan, the Senior Scientific Manager for Connected Systems and IOT, described it like this: “It was five different ways things can go bad by five different technologies, along with five times the cost.”

Simplifying was necessary for another reason: getting data in time for helpful analysis. Khan said, “If you don’t have a uniform telemetry system, a farm manager doesn’t know what’s going on in the field. Waiting until the end of the season to get sensor data from the field isn’t good enough to be ready for next year’s planting.”

Choosing Reliability

So Climate Corp needed a simple connectivity solution that could provide near real-time sensing data. What would you do if you needed reliable connectivity not just for you, but for your customers as well?

Why not put different connectivity brands to the test?

Which is exactly what Khan did. And the winner was clear: “Over the 2018 crop growing season, we achieved a 98% data packet reliability to the cloud over hundreds of RealmFive devices. RealmFive has achieved a step-function improvement in data transmission distance and data delivery reliability over other telemetry brands.”

Overcoming Remote Issues

Yet reliability isn’t much use if you can’t solve the problems common to all remote areas: lack of line power and outlasting Mother Nature.

John McNichols, a Telematics and Control Engineer at Climate Corporation, explained, “For in-field sensing, devices have to withstand the elements 24/7 and keep working. RealmFive devices reliably generate data over the course of a long season without failing from power or ruggedization issues.”

Making Training Dirt Simple

And McNichols saw training and labor benefits, which meant less time wasted for him, saying, “I can train these guys on a single system that’s dirt simple.” No pun intended. “RealmFive stuff is pretty hands off.”

Khan added, “By putting everything under one umbrella, with one system, training becomes straightforward. Everyone is on the same page as far as how to deploy it from a communications perspective. From a scale perspective, it helps us immensely: from logistics to dollar savings to integration with different types of sensors.”

How could reliable connectivity streamline your own operation? For reliable connectivity that’s simple and built to scale, check out the Connectivity Platform from RealmFive.