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AgTech Data June 16, 2020

What do you need from Ag Tech for Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming practices that improves soils, increases biodiversity, and enhances the overall ecosystem. Here at RealmFive, we’ve developed a variety of highly accurate, and reliable hyper-local technology solutions to help growers accurately utilize regenerative agriculture practices.

Regenerative Ag is the practice of capturing the carbon in soil and aboveground biomass to increase soil fertility. The biological process uses regenerative practices such as utilizing cover crops, crop rotations, minimal tillage, and animal manure, all of which help restore the plant/soil microbiome to promote the transfer and cycling of essential nutrients in the soils.

New agriculture technology solutions are essential to the utilization of highly efficient farming practices. In order to get the most out of regenerative agriculture, growers need:

  • hyper-local data
  • current readings
  • reliable information
Hyper-Local Data

Through utilizing modern agricultural technology solutions growers will be able to utilize their hyper-local farm data to make better management decisions, and ultimately scale their regenerative agriculture practices.

Hyper-local data is the data specific to a smaller geographical area than local data. For example, hyper-local data is weather data from a specific operation rather than for the county or city the operation is located in.

This hyper-local data provided by agricultural technology solutions like soil sensors and weather stations can not only give you immediate insights to help with decisions, but also show the benefits year over year.

As one rancher says regenerative agriculture is “like a really good financial portfolio, biomass grows even more biomass next year. My profits compound.” 1

Current Readings

Modern agricultural technology solutions allow growers to access real-time current data. Technologies such as soil moisture sensors, weather stations, and probes all work together to provide real-time data to growers through a single connectivity platform that can be accessed from a smartphone or computer.

By having current data, growers can make adjustments as they go. Enabling them to get the most out of their regenerative agriculture practices and potentially achieve their desired result sooner.

Reliable Information

As growers seek to take advantage of modern tech to increase efficiency, reliability is more important than ever. Complete data sets and reliable connection is essential to the success of the grower’s management plan.

RealmFive products use TruSync technology to backup all data during periods of time it cannot be wirelessly transferred to the cloud so growers never lose their data. Through backups and super reliable connectivity through the gateway, growers don’t have to worry about losing data or incomplete data sets.

“In order to successfully implement regenerative agriculture, it’s clear, “We need to develop technology that is derived from the underlying principles of regenerative agriculture that address the root cause of problems, such as weeds or pests, for instance. Stuff we can’t see sensors will notice, making regenerative processes even more regenerative or making the processes work for each farmer,”

Benedikt Bösel, Chair of Soil Alliance and Managing Director of Schlossgut Alt Madlitz 2

Here at RealmFive, we’ve developed a variety of highly accurate, and reliable hyper-local technology solutions for growers. Such as our Weather Front station, Furrow soil monitoring probe, and rain collector.

These devices allow growers to easily monitor the amount of moisture in their soil, or the rainfall over the weekend so they can make better decisions for their specific operation.

Growers can also easily access their data through a simple app and view reports to track performance over a period of time. Also, all of the RealmFive products connect to a single gateway, making scalability more affordable than ever!

The benefits of regenerative agriculture are immense. Yet with hyper-local data, and more accurate management decision making regenerative agriculture provides growers with better results year over year.

Contact our team to find out how RealmFive products can benefit your operation:


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