R5 Cloud

Access Your Data from Anywhere

With all of the different devices and companies out there, too many data formats turns data management into a major headache. Using R5 Cloud, your database can digest just one API for all of our supported devices and sensors. Integrate data to your own platform reliably with a developer-friendly API that’s easy to work with.

R5 Cloud Advantages

Easy to Integrate

A well-documented API makes integrating the data to your own solution fast and simple. Or, you can use the R5 Click app for automatic integration.

Multilayer Security

R5 Cloud uses multilayer encryption — on both the application and the network levels — to protect your data from threats.

Controlled Access

All of your data is encrypted at rest, and a network key is required for access. You can get a new network key anytime you’d like.

Modified Permissions

If you have highly confidential data, you can personalize API keys for different users. So your installers might only see device health, while your analysts only see sensor readings.

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