R5 Click

Interact with Your Devices

View and manage your entire operation from one convenient location. The R5 Click app has different modules that let you visualize sensor data, monitor device health, manage users, and set useful alerts. You’ve got everything at your fingertips to quickly and decisively run every aspect of your operation. R5 Click gives you the insight you need to act on issues fast.

NEW Features

Available Early March

 Irrigation View

Quickly see the plant available water for each of your capacitance sensors with an easy to understand fuel gauge. This update introduces a whole new irrigation tab so you can quickly compare your fields in one glance. This also includes a new way to view your soil moisture on mapview.

Inventory View

Keep track of your large liquid tanks. This update introduces a  new inventory tab so you can spot you trouble spots quickly. You can also spot trends and even keep track of pumps attached to the tanks.


Person with tinfoil wrapped around their face
Person with tinfoil wrapped around their face
Context Data
Device Health
Custom Alerts

R5 Click Advantages

See the Whole Picture

Easy-to-use cards in MapView show you aggregated data from an entire field, giving you the whole picture.

Manage Your Devices

Check the Device Health dashboard to see battery levels and the signal strength of each of your devices.

Get Notifications and Alerts

The default Notifications will warn you of unusually high readings or device issues. For any specific situations you want to keep an eye on, you can set your own custom Alerts.

Intuitive Set-Up

Save hours on installs and training with the R5 Click set-up app. Installers simply follow the on-screen prompts to get devices up and running fast.

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