Pressure and flow

Monitor water pressure and flow in the field, in the barn, wherever you have pumps operating. Stay current on flow status easily and reliably, thanks to True Sync technology that confirms data is received and stored. Your certified RealmFive distributor can help build the right RealmFive connectivity system ideal for monitoring pressure and flow.

Flex (Capacitance and Pressure)


R5 Core (requires R5 Gateway)

Sensor inputs

SDI-12, analog

Supported Sensors

1 x AquaCheck, Sentek Drill & Drop Probes 1 x pressure transducer

Battery life

~6 mo operation with 60-minute sample and reporting intervals (default)


2 x AA lithium iron disulfide batteries


Up to 20km (~ 12.42 Miles) in open air (Range highly depends on installations location, topography, surrounding buildings, and height)

End or edge?

End device


Easy installation

No solar panel


PVC post - protect gathering chains (No T-post)

True Sync™ Technology

OTA / On-board data storage


Cost effective hardware

Works under sprayer boom height

Under-crop canopy operation