Machine monitoring

The RealmFive View brings operating status of motorized equipment together in one easy-to-view place. See if motors or pumps are running, set alerts, get status updates – and get one less thing to worry about. True Sync technology confirms data is received and stored even in the event of an outage.

Flex Mini State Monitoring device


R5 Core (requires R5 Gateway)

Sensor inputs

Vibration sensing, accelerometer

Battery life

Up to 12mo depending on state change periodicity. Transmits update at every change of state.


Up to 20km in open air (Range depends on installation location, topography, surrounding buildings, and height)

End or edge?

End device


Simple, cost-effective, for many applications

5-second installation / User set text alerts

Magnetic mounting / No tools required


True Sync™ Technology

OTA / On-board data storage


Associate run time with various outputs