Hyperlocal weather

Get access to essential weather information you need to make intelligent decisions.

WeatherFront for Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station


Version 1 – R5 Core (requires R5 Gateway) Version 2 – LTE Version 3 – LTE & R5 Core (gateway function) Version 4 – Global 3G

Sensor inputs

SDI-12 Multiple analog Multiple I2C Switch Closure

Supported Sensors

Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, and optional Solar Radiation, AquaCheck & Sentek capacitance probes

Battery life

Up to 3 days of operation without solar charge. (Depends on sensor package, sample and communication frequency)


10W solar panel


Up to 20km (~ 12.42 Miles) in open air (Range depends on installation location, topography, surrounding buildings, and height)

End or edge?

End or edge


Solar powered

Fast installation

Multiple communication options


On-board data storage


Version 1 – Direct to cloud via cellular

Version 2 – Opt. cellular Gateway upgrade

Cost effective hardware