Prairieland Partners Case Study

“Our customers see us as a trusted advisor. RealmFive lets us fulfill that trust.”

Prairieland Partners is a 15-store John Deere dealership serving customers in central KS, OK, NE, MO. With a strong presence in precision ag, Prairieland Partners has been at the forefront of adopting new technology to improve yield performance and efficiency in farming.

Marty Albrecht, Precision Ag Specialist with Prairieland Partners, puts it this way: “Partnering is in our name – we partner with customers. If they succeed, we succeed.”  One of his responsibilities is to train customers on using monitoring technology, displays, receivers, etc., sometimes helping farmers “evolve from flip phones to touch screens.”

As their precision ag business continued to grow, they were enthusiastic advocates of the John Deere Field Connect system, promoting the advantages of increased data to improve yields and efficiency.   After John Deere discontinued the Field Connect program, Prairieland Partners had to find a new way to continue to support its customers.

“Integration with John Deere Operations Center was key for us.”

When Prairieland Partners first started working with RealmFive, Marty says the intention was to provide their customers with a continuation of the service they had come to rely-on through John Deere Field Connect. RealmFive’s integration with John Deere’s Operations Center made the choice easy, but Marty and Prairieland Partners saw a deeper opportunity to grow their precision ag business with RealmFive as their connectivity partner.

“One gateway, multiple devices. That’s the key advantage.”

“RealmFive fit better for us and our customers – they do more than one thing” is how Marty puts it.  Beyond moisture probes, RealmFive products and services like pivot monitors, weather stations, and the Flip state monitor, all connects through a single gateway, meeting more of their customers’ needs. “The farmer does not want another app on their phone, another website to go and gather data from.”

“Plug it in, and watch the lights go on.”

Ease of installing RealmFive products was a pleasant surprise for the Prairieland Partners team. “During COVID, we couldn’t get in-person help. But our rep, Austin, showed us how to set it up through a Zoom call. It was very easy – a few nuts and bolts, plug it in, and watch the lights go on.”

“You’ll love the service.”

Follow-up service was also impressive. In one instance, Marty had a customer who had installed a Flex device in their field and marked it with a flag. The flag, flapping in the wind, was tapping the box. Unknown to Marty or his customer, tapping the box is a diagnostic signal to the Flex box – and it ended up running the batteries down.

RealmFive immediately shipped a replacement Flex unit and took the failed product back to run it through diagnostics. “I was impressed that they worked so quickly to take care of a remote customer, and that they took the product back to take it apart and figure out what went wrong. That’s service above and beyond,” Marty notes.

“We’ve never looked back.”

Prairieland Partners have found a new partner to help them become stronger partners with their growing clientele. So what advice do they have for other distributors considering RealmFive?

“You’re going to love the diversity of products for your customers. You’ll love the support. You’ll get to sell a full product catalog. And you’ll love the durability and longevity.”

For customers who want to see more data and leverage all of the benefits that connected farming can bring, RealmFive offers the advantage of a diversity of connected solutions, all available in one platform. One gateway can support multiple devices in multiple fields or sites, giving producers the power to add more as time goes on.

RealmFive offers a solution that fits the needs of today and tomorrow.