R5 Click Tutorials

Welcome to R5 Click! Watch these short tutorials to get the rundown on how to make the most of the app.


You can see all your devices and fields on the MapView dashboard. Clicking on specific devices gives you current and historical data from that location, while selecting a specific field shows you aggregate data from that area.

Health Dashboard

Find specific devices and see issues with connectivity or battery level quickly on the Health Dashboard. You can sort your devices by device ID, device name, signal levels, battery levels, and other tidbits. Get more information on a specific device by clicking on it.


Add and manage growers, farms, and fields in your organization from the Installation tab. You can also plan, and then install new devices from this tab. At the end of the season, this is where you’d uninstall devices.


Edit your contact information, like email and phone, in the Settings tab. If you have the right permissions, the Settings tab is where you can add, edit, group, and remove users in your organization.

Need Help?

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