New Integration with John Deere Operations Center

Pursuing constant innovation, RealmFive is excited to announce a new software integration with John Deere Operations Center.

With this new software integration, you can use the John Deere Integrations Center to track RealmFive devices. Using R5 Cloud technology, you can see status updates, location, and more in the John Deere Integrations Center. After activating the integration, your John Deere maps will display RealmFive in-field sensors, alongside other agtech shown in the app.

The demand for this integration motivated the team to develop it quickly. Craig Burnside, Business Relationships Manager, says, “We prioritized this software integration due to the need for reliable connectivity for in-field sensing devices. A simple, reliable, and successful integration means we’re expanding our capabilities for John Deere and dealers everywhere.”

Justin Collier, Software Team Lead, notes that this accomplishment means a new relationship: “We’re proud to now be a John Deere Connected Software Company. As a Deere CSC, we’ll provide real-time updates to customers wherever they want to view it.”

Previously, customers had to visit many different platforms to collect, view and process multiple aspects of their agribusiness. This seamless integration into Operations Center gives customers a complete view of their operation. Collier is excited about upcoming software developments, saying, “We’ll continue to deepen the integration with customizable notifications, useful map layers for field and weather conditions exactly where they are, and more.”

How to Activate the Integration

Go to Settings > Integrations to integrate the two platforms. Click [Connect to John Deere]. See current measurements in the John Deere Operations Center: Map. You can click into the readings to get more details. The John Deere Operations Center shows you timestamps of the readings.