Bring more value with John Deere integration

Did you know that RealmFive software integrates with the John Deere Field Connect and Operations Center? That means dealers can provide more options for precision ag technology, helping them to be more efficient and productive, while bringing more value for you and your customers.

Existing platform, enhanced usability.

By using a platform that’s already integrated with John Deere sensors and Operations Center, users can view data and service devices all in one place. With RealmFive’s R5 Cloud technology, status updates, location, and more can be visible in the John Deere Integrations Center. John Deere maps will display RealmFive in-field sensors, alongside other precision agriculture monitors.

John Deere Field Connect Upgrade

John Deere Field Connect hardware can be upgraded to RealmFive compatibility by the dealer or by RealmFive. It’s an easy and usually cost-effective way for growers who have a large investment in John Deere Field Connect devices to migrate to the RealmFive platform.

John Deere Ops Center Integration

RealmFive now integrates with the John Deere Ops Center, allowing users to view their equipment data inside the Op Center – with the ability to bring in the brand-agnostic world of devices that work with RealmFive. It’s a simple, elegant solution to make the most of your technology today and tomorrow.

More choices = Best choices

This means more choices for dealers – and enhanced ease of use for their customers. No need to visit many different platforms to collect, view and process multiple aspects of agribusiness. Seamless integration into the John Deere Operations Center gives a complete view of an operation. Users can build the system that works best for their specific operation.

In addition to RealmFive’s own hardware, the system can also integrate with other brands of crop management technology. And because it’s modular, growers can easily add new pieces as their operation grows or new technology comes online.

Technology that meet growers’ needs

Users familiar with the benefits of ag technology know how valuable this data can be. Migrating to RealmFive gives users access to more data, presented in an intuitive interface that is easy to learn, easy to use, and scalable as their needs grow.

An upgrade

With the RealmFive Upgrade for the John Deere Field Connect you can protect your previous investments and keep your customers happy with continued service. Our upgrade keeps your data moving while adding wireless technology so you can expand your offerings.

RealmFive Upgrade for John Deere Field Connect
  • Upgrade provides data and wireless capabilities integrated into the current Field Connect box.
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA configurations / firmware update capable / onboard data storage)
  • Accepts up to (50) R5 Core wireless devices
  • Industry leading wireless range
  • Multiple cellular carriers