Comparison Chart

 General ComparisonRealmFiveAgSenseAquaspyCropXDavisPesslRanch SystemsSpectrum Technologies
Weather Stations Wind Speed & DirectionYYYYYSensor Add-onsY
Temperature & Relative HumidityYYYYYSensor Add-onsY
Solar Radiation/EvapotranspirationSensor Add-onsSensor Add-onsSensor Add-onsSensor Add-onsSensor Add-onsSensor Add-ons
RainfallYYYYYSensor Add-onsY
Cellular UplinkYYYYYYY
Wirelessly Recieve Data from Multiple SensorsYGateway Add-oniMETOS 3.3Model RM210
Raw Data ModeY?????
Soil Stations Variety of Soil Moisture Probe IntegrationsYYYYYY
Minimum Tool InstallationYYY
Strong Signal Strength - Below-Canopy InstallationYY
Machine-Safe Equipment (no T-posts required)YY
Loud "Sonalert" for Quick Post-Season RemovalY
Probes From Multiple Fields Use One Cell SubscriptionYYY?
Software Unlimited Users (no extra cost)YY
Custom Branding (whitelabeling)Y
Remote Device Health Dashboard & NotificationsYYBattery-only
Easily Assign and Manage Devices in FieldsYYY
Confirmed Data Delivery to the Cloud (TrueSync™)Y
Automatic Over-the-air Device Firmware Update CapabilityYY

Disclaimer: This comparison was put together in good faith with the best of RealmFive’s knowledge of competitive products. This is not a complete list and makes no assurances or guarantee of accuracy.