How RealmFive Benefits Ag Retailers/Distributors

AgTech Data October 8, 2020

Across agriculture, efficiency is king. The more efficient our systems, the higher our yields, the faster our gains and profits follow.

The equation is actually quite simple: Efficiency = Profitability.  By reducing labor, inputs, and redundancies, we increase efficiencies. Technology and its continued advancement in the ag space is what enables producers to achieve this.

Each sector of the ag industry is affected differently by these challenges. In this article, we’re going to dive into the challenges that crop consultants, ag retailers, and input providers currently face.


Time is a primary constraint which means time is money. Every hour spent on redundant and unnecessary tasks or struggling with multiple and disconnected data platforms means less time focusing on your clients’ actual needs. You need specific, consistent, reliable field data to tell you exactly the info you need to make recommendations for your growers. Anything else is a waste of time.

Accessing field data comes with a literal cost. Redundant service and data subscriptions eat up budgets and limit your ability to deploy and access the correct devices for effective data capture. Your farmers don’t want guesswork…that’s why they hired a professional. But they also don’t want to burn their budget on connection fees for each monitoring device. Your growers depend on you and you need to depend on reliable systems that won’t break your clients’ budgets.

RealmFive’s suite of products provides several unique solutions to these common challenges.

1. Time/Labor Restraint

  • RealmFive products reduce labor because a crop consultant can easily access each field’s data from a single interface – completely remotely. Which means less time spent driving around to each field and more fields that can be covered in the same amount of time.
  • Time saved with a seamless and easy product setup. What used to take all day, now only takes minutes with RealmFive products. So consultants can get their sensors up and running faster.

2. Lack of Connectivity

  • The RealmFive Gateway provides a new method of collecting and transferring data from the field with a single access point to the cloud. Now data can be transferred from the sensors in the field through the Gateway.
  • The Gateway also utilizes LoRa wireless technology, which provides industry-leading range for remote connectivity.

3. High Subscription Costs

  • Many RealmFive products can connect through one Gateway to then transfer data to the R5 Cloud. The cloud then transfers the data to a simple-to-use interface where data can be accessed from an office or smartphone. Users save significantly by reducing redundant subscriptions with single access through the Gateway.
  • This makes scalability a breeze. Consultants can easily build upon a current offering in a field as needed without increasing costs.

On top of this, RealmFive products include our Trusync technology, which provides onboard storage that will store data if there is ever a break in connection from the sensor to the gateway or the gateway to the cloud. This guarantees complete data sets each season.

RealmFive products enable consultants to cover more acres more efficiently and with dependable insight


As an ag retailer and input provider, you might affect a variety of verticals, including sales of inputs, agronomy, grains, livestock feed, fuel, and more. As a retailer, efficiency at all phases of production is critical.

There are a variety of platforms for data collection; however, the systems don’t talk to each other. This leads to increased frustration time switching between platforms, logging into unique apps, and aligning the information. This is a redundant and painful way to work whether in the field on behalf of your customers or collecting inventory and operational data within your own business. There is a better way.

R5 Click from RealmFive allows systems interoperability for a standard set of data. Retailers can now keep track of their inventory in a single platform AND manage that withing the same space as their customers’ field level information.

R5 Click’s easy to use interface enables retailers to view and manage their entire inventory from one convenient location. It seamlessly integrates with platforms such as the John Deere Operations Center, so users can easily gather and aggregate data.

The R5 Click app modular-based so users visualize sensor data, monitor device health, manage users, set useful alerts, and grant user permissions as best suits their needs. You and your team can act on information faster with increased accuracy and reduced distractions.

RealmFive products are all designed with simplicity, reliability, and scalability in mind. This shows up in time saved, consistent connectivity, and a scalable product suite producers can use to decrease costs over time.

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Jesse Vadnais

Marketing Communication Manager

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