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Our customers see us as a trusted advisor. RealmFive lets us fulfill that trust.

Marty Albrecht, Prairieland Partners

Becoming a RealmFive distributor gives you an added revenue source, while delivering value and deepening relationships with your customers. Users familiar with the benefits of ag technology know how valuable data can be. The ability to monitor irrigation, hyperlocal weather, inventory, equipment, even livestock, enables producers to improve efficiency and increase profitability. The intuitive RealmFive connectivity platform makes it a practical opportunity for better productivity in every operation.

Easy to use. Simple to install.

All RealmFive View products are designed to be easy and intuitive to use, with interfaces that work like you think they should. And the hardware is not only robust enough for rugged ag environments, but also simple to install. We’ll even train your team to become certified installers (although often it’s nothing more than “plug it in and watch the lights go on.”)

Plays well with others.

Because RealmFive technology is a brand-agnostic platform, integrating with many leading sensor devices, you can support the needs of most any grower already using agtech – or wanting to take advantage of the power of precision ag technology. As new players come on board, RealmFive will be there. For operations offering their own connected farm technology today, RealmFive’s well-documented API allows the software to seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms. (And the RealmFive View can even help inside your business by managing inventory and operations.)

You won’t be alone.

RealmFive has quickly gained a reputation for outstanding customer support. Flexible, adaptable, and innovative on the engineering side, it’s the same when it comes to service. Your rep is ready to respond with answers, ideas, and solutions to address any issue that may arise – or help you develop new ideas to grow your business. Hear what other dealers say about partnering with RealmFive, in their own words.

The future of agtech is here, now.

RealmFive puts you on the leading edge of agriculture, providing simple, reliable, and scalable agtech for your business. It’s one solution that delivers:

New customers.

New revenue from existing customers.

More profitability.

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