Barn View product suite.

Technology accessible for every operation.

RealmFive’s Barn View products put the benefits of remote monitoring within reach of every swine barn operation. Bring the benefits of connected farming to your customers while building an additional revenue stream for your business.


It’s one solution that works for your business, while working hard for your customers.

Simple, reliable, scalable.

RealmFive remote management technology is a brand-agnostic solution that works with most any ag technology brand on the market, proven in demanding environments. It’s easy to install and use, ideal for retrofitting into existing barns. It’s easy to understand and to install and can grow with your customers as they bring more and more barns online.
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Benefits up and down the chain.

RealmFive Smart Barn monitoring offers transparency across the board regarding Feed, Water, and Air, with value for multiple stakeholders:
Ops Manager
Increased efficiency for maximized profitability. Get assurance that the operation is being run within set parameters to achieve optimal production while mitigating risk.
Site Manager
Less traffic in and out of the barn minimizes risk. Stay on top of the operation while staying at arm’s length. Gain actionable insights to make the location more productive.
Barn Manager
Know what’s going on in the barn without going into a barn, from fan operation to ambient temperature to water consumption, and more. Labor can be utilized more efficiently and productively. 
Animal Owner
Optimize animal environment. Proof that livestock is housed in the right conditions, with the ability to document traceability and proof of stewardship.
Trusted Advisor
A new revenue source while delivering added value and deepening relationships with end customers, positioning your business on the leading edge of innovation.

What makes RealmFive the right solution?

Ease of installation, Even in an Old Barn.

RealmFive devices are all wireless with batteries and can be installed in minutes. Currently 90% of existing barns have no technology, making this an ideal solution for retrofitting confinement operations. Distributor personnel – or even the barn manager team – can complete the installation and be in and out in with minimal disruption.

Industry Leading Support.

RealmFive has quickly gained a reputation for outstanding customer support. Flexible, adaptable, and innovative on the engineering side, it’s the same when it comes to service. Your rep is just an email away with answers, ideas, and solutions to address any issue that may arise – or help you develop new ideas to grow your business.

Interoperability of Systems.

A hallmark of RealmFive solutions is a brand-agnostic approach. Our seamless network interoperability means all data sources can be aggregated into one place, across applications – so you can analyze and easily pull the information needed. Users can see the big picture or zero in on one detail of one barn, all right at their fingertips – no toggling between different platforms.

3rd Party Integrations

You own your data.  Let RealmFive help you gather, organize, and manage your data connections to 3rd party systems such as Farmera, John Deere, or view and interact with your data via RealmFive’s R5 Click platform.

How it works

A multitude of devices connect and automatically keep track of different systems in your operation. Easily view all of your data via Barn View in R5 Click.

And RealmFive plays well with others.

Easily monitor all your tools from a single platform. The R5 Click app provides different modules that let you visualize sensor data, set useful alerts, and download reports. Data can also be viewed on partner applications.

It’s time to learn more.
It’s time to bring the benefits of remote monitoring to every swine barn. Talk with your RealmFive rep and learn how Smart Barn technology can build your business.