Barn View Product Suite Launch

RealmFive Barn View Product Suite for Livestock Production 

[Lincoln, NE]: RealmFive today announced the release of its Barn View product suite, a new product lineup for use in swine production facilities. Barn View product suite utilizes a wireless system of hardware that records data generated by feedlines, flowmeters, and environmental monitors and sends the data to the cloud through a cellular gateway network. With more sensors and data sources coming online quickly.  

A single RealmFive gateway can service dozens of monitors in multiple barns at remote sites. The data is then available to the producer through the R5 Click online platform or to partner platforms. Inside R5 Click producers can access the data from any browser equipped device. 

The RealmFive systems are completely wireless, requiring no electrician or hard-wiring of devices. Each monitor only takes a few minutes to install and wirelessly connects to the gateway (even in an enclosed environment). All devices are battery or solar-powered and are equipped with both health monitoring and on-board recording – giving producers the ability to view aspects of their barns without entering.  

“RealmFive is proud to announce the expansion of its Connectivity Platform into the swine production space via its Barn View product lineCustomers asked us for a simple-to-use, easy-to-install solution that can even be leveraged cost-effectively across mixed building applications. RealmFive’s team has again delivered and we are excited about the strong traction we are seeing in the market.” Steve Tippery, CEO RealmFive. 

Features and benefits of the Barn View product suite include: 

  1. Actionable Data.RealmFive Barn View products connect the producer to the pertinent and actionable information of livestock operations. The simple to install, simple to use, simple to maintain sensor suite brings producers the needed insights to remotely manage feed, water, and air – making their daily checks more timely, easier, and more standardized across buildings and sites. 
  2. Industry-Leading Simplicity.R5 Click provides producers with industry-leading simplicity and value to view their operations. R5 Click will allow producers to view their entire operation. Producers have access to alerts and warnings for feed outages, water flow outages, environmental conditions, and more. Many alerts are customizable and exist in the common, permission-based app. Keep tabs on the most important information to keep a barn running at peak performance. 
  3. Easy to Install. Most barns are not new construction – RealmFive Barn View devices are easy to install in existing structures that just need a little efficiency-boost. Affordable, fast, and effective to report and keep track of the environment in any structure – old or new. 

“Livestock producers have had to balance the affordability of technology with product performance for too long. RelamFive Barn View productallow livestock producers to access insights on the most pertinent and actionable information in their barns without having to sort through tons of data to make a decision. We make it easy.” – Austin Benes, RealmFive Key Account Executive 

The Barn View product suite will be available in early March 2021 For more information on the Barn View product suite, visit  

About RealmFiveRealmFive is the most reliable device-to-cloud platform built specifically for agriculture. The company’s award-winning Connectivity Platform™ is being used by agricultural operations across the United States & Canada to gain improved long-range telemetry to connect an entire operation’s machines, devices, sensors, and systems to the cloud. Their award-winning R5 Click software is enabling its customers access to their data, including options for integration to 3rd party data platforms. The Company focuses its technologies in five market verticals:  Agronomy, Irrigation, Inventory, Livestock, and Machinery.