Technology to improve efficiency in row crops.


RealmFive remote management offers an opportunity to help high-performing growers reach their goals. Troubleshooting problems is easier with a real-time view of what’s happening in the field. If there’s an issue, your customers will know immediately – or you’ll see it and give an early heads-up, adding another valuable service to your business. An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes RealmFive accessible to even the less tech-savvy operator – and a developer-friendly API allows the raw data to be incorporated into other platforms, giving the ability to pull the data into 3rd party systems.

More information means more control. 

Investment in smart ag technology allows farmers to produce more with less labor, and inputs – getting the absolute most out of their land. The RealmFive solution enables growers to monitor a vast array of equipment and field conditions, from weather and soil moisture to pump operation and pond levels  – all in one platform, under one platform fee, and see it all on one screen. More information in one place means more efficiency, more controllower costs – and a whole lot less stress on growers and their crops. 

Simple, reliable, scalable

It’s a solution that can enhance the efficiency of growing virtually any type of row crop.Designed to be easily installed, wirelessly connected sensors continuously monitor vital stats in the field and on equipment. Sensors send data through a secure wireless connection to a RealmFive Gateway, Weather Front communications device or directly to the R5 Cloud. From there, data is accessed via the R5Click app or a developer-friendly API in another data platform to a wireless Gateway.

In addition to RealmFive’s own hardware, the system can also integrate with other brands of crop management technology. And because it’s modular, growers can easily add new pieces as their operation grows or new technology comes online.

RealmFive products ideally suited to row crop farming include: 

The center of it all. 

Gateway is the hub that connects all of the IoT equipment to the cloud – up to 50 devices can share one Gateway. Solar-powered for reliable performance anywhere and built to ensure the highest degree of reliability, Gateway’s LoRa wireless technology provides industry-leading connectivity across an operation, delivering important data in real-time. 

Gateway Network Hub
  • Drop-in, Solar-Powered Network
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
  • Accepts up to (50) R5 Core wireless devices
  • Multi-mile Wireless Range
  • Multiple Cellular Carriers
  • (Optional) Fetch range-extending repeater technology

Any soil moisture sensor, anywhere. 

Flex is just that – flexible. Installs in minutes to a wide range of partner moisture sensors, both capacitance and resistance, and transmits data to a Gateway or Fetch. Just 2 AA batteries keep it running all season. Built to withstand the elements, Flex will reliably monitor soil moisture all season long. 

Flex Wireless Monitoring Device
  • Connect a number of different types and brands of sensors to make them wireless
  • Simple installation, light-weight, with a plastic enclosure that is safe for equipment
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / On-board Data Storage)
  • Low-Cost Replaceable Batteries (optional extended life battery pack)
  • Transmits through dense foliage
  • Stays out of the way of many farming operations
  • Integrates with a number of different sensors
    • Pressure transducers
    • Resistance Soil moisture sensors
    • Capacitance Soil Moisture sensors
    • John Deere Soil Moisture sensors
    • Various Level sensors
    • More

Keep tabs on the weather.  

Weather Front for Davis Vantage Pro2 weather stationGet RealmFive reliable wireless connectivity with weather sensors: solar radiation, UV, rain collector, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and more. Sampling and transmission frequency are completely customizable. Weather Front can also act as a Gateway in the field, connecting with other sensors and relaying data.  

Growers with older weather monitoring devices can upgrade them to the Weather Front system, bringing unbeatable RealmFive reliability to pre-existing equipment. It’s a smart upgrade that enhances the value of the previous investments. 

Weather Front Weather Station Network Hub
  • (Optional) Gateway Network Hub Functionality
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
  • Sensor Integrations: Wind Speed/Wind Direction/Rainfall/Temperature/Relative Humidity/Solar Radiation/Leaf Wetness
  • Includes Davis Vantage Pro2 sensor suite

Teach old equipment new tricks.  

Any equipment can be made smarter with the Flip state sensor. Growers will always know if equipment is running – bin fans, irrigation pumps, virtually any kind of apparatus of any age can be monitored with Flip’s vibration sensing technology. Turn it on, place on a metal surface, connect with a Gateway, and Flip sends status notifications via text or email. It’s that easy. 

Flip State Sensor
    • Reports run status and calculates run-time
    • Self-learns off and on states
    • 10-second installation via magnetic mounting
    • Can be attached to metallic assets including ventilation fans, feed systems, irrigation pumps, grain bin fans, etc.
    • Runs on 2xAA Lithium-ion batteries
    • Multi-mile Wireless Range
    • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
    • Batteries can last a full season (depends on measurement frequency)

Know where it’s raining, not just when it’s raining. 

 In a larger operation, rainfall can vary widely. The Realm-Five-ready Rain Collector is a self-emptying rain gauge that connects with Gateway giving growers accurate hyper-local rain totals, allowing more efficient, precision irrigation. “Send on event” feature sends data more often when it’s raining, saving battery power when it’s not.  

RealmFive Ready Davis Rain Collector
  • Up to the minute hyper local rain data
  • Runs on 2xAA Lithium-ion batteries
  • Multi-mile Wireless Range
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / On-board Data Storage)
  • Batteries can last a full season (depends on measurement frequency)

More intelligent pivot irrigation.

RealmFive’s Pivot Tower Monitoring System has two separate systems: A Tower Alignment Monitor and a Tower Pivot Monitor, both communicating via the Gateway. The battery-powered alignment monitor keeps track of alignment faults, and the Pivot Monitor tracks pivot orientation and direction while allowing for remote shut down, saving trips to the field. Universal compatibility to work with Valley, Lindsay, or Reinke systems. 

Pivot Status and Position Monitoring System
  • Monitor location, status, and be alerted of any faults
  • Remotely shut down
  • Works with all major electric pivots
  • Consists of 2 parts that can be used together or independently
    • TPM monitors location, status, and if an alignment fault has triggered.
      • Runs off pivot power
      • Install on the second from last tower
    • TAM monitors where a fault has occurred
      • Runs off 2xAA batteries
      • Install on remaining towersR5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / On-board Data Storage)

Monitor pond levels from your desktop or mobile phone.

Float lagoon and pond system gives growers peace of mind. Stay on top of lagoon and pond levels anytime from anywhere – no more time-consuming trips for a visual checkAccurate within inches, the system has two parts: a rover that rests on the water surface, and a base that senddata to the cloud. Customizable text alerts warn if the water level is too high or low, and scheduled reporting makes environmental compliance easier. Five-year battery life means one less thing to worry about. 

Float Lagoon and Pond Monitoring System
  • Can provide accurate and constant insight into liquid levels
  • Easy to install – no trips in the boat
  • Be alerted when levels are too high or too low
  • Consists of 2 pieces of equipment: RTK Base station+ Rover System
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
  • 5-year battery life for the rover, solar power for base
  • 1 The base can cover multiple rovers
  • The base can act as Gateway for other wireless R5 Core-enabled devices

The modern farm now within fingertip reach.  

Generations of farmers worked the land with their hands. The R5 Click app brings all the power of the modern IoT farm operation into one easytomanage placeall within fingertip reachEasy-to-read modules allow visualization of sensor data, device health, manage users, and set customizable alerts. See small problems before they become big ones, and fine-tune operations to adapt to changing conditions. All the necessary information is there to quickly respond to developing situations in the fields and beyond.  

R5 Click delivers the insights needed to run a modern farm at peak efficiency. 

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