Best for both worlds. Yours. And your customers’.

Farmers and those serving them share more than just a passion for the land. Many of the obstacles they face are the same. They all have to keep an eye on variables beyond their control, from weather, to market prices, to transport delays and more.


How can anyone possibly keep track of everything? How can you increase efficiency?

RealmFive offers the solution.

Simple, reliable, and scalable, RealmFive remote management technology is a brand-agnostic solution.  That means it fits right in with your current infrastructure, your current offerings, and your customers’ existing systems. Giveing you tighter control, increased efficiency and advance notice of small problems before they become big problems.

It’s one solution that works for your business, while working hard for your customers.

What matters most? Efficiency? Data? Sensor reliability?

Let’s start with efficiency that works as hard as you do.

For You

Inside your company, RealmFive remote monitoring makes your business more efficient by giving you insights that allow you to focus and streamline day-to-day operations. RealmFive is always on, 24/7, keeping tabs on your operation, alerting you when there’s a situation that needs your attention.

For Your Customers

On the farm, knowledge is power. And RealmFive gives farmers the power to be more efficient by delivering real-time insights into daily operations. They can monitor it themselves, or you can provide that watchful eye, providing an extra level of service.

Flex Max with Level Sensor

Flex Max allows you to connect power hungry sensors and get the data wirelessly all on the same network. When you connect it to a tank level sensor, you manage fertilizer and chemical level and inventory, reduce labor from having to perform manual checks. Know when you need to reorder, or if there’s a problem.

Flex Max Wireless Monitoring Device
  • Connect a number of different types and brands of sensors to make them wireless
  • Simple installation, light-weight, with a plastic enclosure that is safe for equipment
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / On-board Data Storage)
  • Large Batteries for longterm installation of even power-hungry applications
  • Transmits in tough environments
  • Stays out of the way 
  • Integrates with a number of different sensors
    • Pressure transducers
    • Various Level sensors
    • More

Keep tabs on the weather.  

Weather Front for Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station RealmFive Ready David Rain Collector, and the Wether Front for John Deere Field Connect give you a user-friendly interface lets you know the weather in real time. Weather Front can also act as a Gateway in the field.  

Weather Front Weather Station Network Hub
  • (Optional) Gateway Network Hub Functionality
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
  • Sensor Integrations: Wind Speed/Wind Direction/Rainfall/Temperature/Relative Humidity/Solar Radiation/Leaf Wetness
  • Includes Davis Vantage Pro2 sensor suite

Out of sight soil moisture monitoring.

The Furrow underground soil moisture sensor stays out of the way and operates season after season thanks to its five-year* battery life. Buried up to a foot deep and capable of wirelessly connecting through the soil to a nearby RealmFive Gateway, Furrow sends soil moisture data all year round.

*Battery life is dependent on configuration and season length.

Furrow Underground Wireless Monitoring Device
  • Can be installed up to 12inches underground
  • Wirelessly transmit underground up to 300 feet (dependent on depth, soil type, and obstacles)
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
  • Long-life batters allow for 5-year installation
  • Year-round data
  • Secure and out of the way from most farming operations
  • Integrates with a number of soil moisture sensors

Teach old equipment new tricks.  

Equipment can be made smarter with the Flip state sensor. Growers will always know if equipment is running – bin fans, irrigation pumps, virtually any kind of apparatus of any age can be monitored with Flip’s vibration sensing technology. Turn it on, place on a metal surface, connect with a Gateway, and Flip sends status notifications via text or email. It’s that easy. 

Flip State Sensor
    • Reports run status and calculates run-time
    • Self-learns off and on states
    • 10-second installation via magnetic mounting
    • Can be attached to metallic assets including ventilation fans, feed systems, irrigation pumps, grain bin fans, etc.
    • Runs on 2xAA Lithium-ion batteries
    • Multi-mile Wireless Range
    • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / Onboard Data Storage)
    • Batteries can last a full season (depends on measurement frequency)

Any soil moisture sensor, anywhere. 

Flex is just that – flexible. Installs in minutes to a wide range of partner moisture sensors, both capacitance and resistance, and transmits data to a Gateway or Fetch. Just 2 AA batteries keep it running all season. When paired with a soil moisture probe. Flex will reliably monitor soil moisture all season long. 

Flex Wireless Monitoring Device
  • Connect a number of different types and brands of sensors to make them wireless
  • Simple installation, light-weight, with a plastic enclosure that is safe for equipment
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations / Firmware Update Capable / On-board Data Storage)
  • Low-Cost Replaceable Batteries (optional extended life battery pack)
  • Transmits through dense foliage
  • Stays out of the way of many farming operations
  • Integrates with a number of different sensors
    • Pressure transducers
    • Resistance Soil moisture sensors
    • Capacitance Soil Moisture sensors
    • John Deere Soil Moisture sensors
    • Various Level sensors
    • More

Float Level Monitoring

Stay on top of your lagoon and pond levels from your office or smartphone. The Float tracks your lagoon levels for timely, repeatable, and scheduled reporting making environmental compliance easier than ever!

Prevent potential issues before they happen with text alerts if your lagoon levels get too high (overflows) or low (cavitation).

Float Lagoon and Pond Monitoring System
  • Can provide accurate and constant insight into liquid levels
  • Easy to install – no trips in the boat
  • Be alerted when levels are too high or too low
  • Consists of 2 pieces of equipment: RTK Base station+ Rover System
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations, Firmware Update Capable, Onboard Data Storage)
  • 5-year battery life for the rover, solar power for the base
  • 1 Base can cover multiple rovers
  • The base can act as Gateway for other wireless R5 Core-enabled devices

Knowledge is power. Data can be… overwhelming.

Not anymore.

For You

RealmFive’s seamless network interoperability means all of your data sources can be aggregated into one place – where you can analyze and easily pull the information you need to run your business. You can see the big picture or zero in on one tank. It’s all right at your fingertips – no toggling between different platforms. And a developer-friendly API allows the raw data to be incorporated into other platforms.

For Your Customers

Farm data is only useful if farmers can actually use it. RealmFive aggregates the data from a myriad of devices and displays it in a way that is intuitive for even the less tech-savvy user to understand. They can view their entire operation, quickly learn one easy-to-use interface, and not have to toggle back and forth between different systems. It’s like having all needles with no haystack.

Sensational sensor reliability.

So reliable, you’ll forget they’re even there.

For You

There seems to be no limit to the devices available to monitor operations. But if the sensors aren’t reliably accurate, aren’t transmitting at crucial times, it’s like having no sensors at all. RealmFive hardware and software systems are designed from the ground up to be ruggedly fail-safe, and our data transmission rock solid. Best of all, RealmFive is compatible with many brands of sensors on the market – no silos when it comes to data. Bring in existing sensors, add new ones – everybody works together for the greater good of your operation.

For Your Customers

Farmers looking to get the most out of their operation are rapidly adopting new sensor technology. RealmFive offers some of the smartest, yet easiest to install and use sensor technology in the field. All designed with rugged reliability foremost in mind. Best of all, farmers welcome RealmFive’s brand-agnostic approach. Don’t throw everything out and start new. RealmFive will connect with most any brand out there, allowing them to build on their installed base and maximize their investment, while maximizing efficiency.

So, what can RealmFive do for your business?

Quite simply, RealmFive is your path to the future of agriculture and the connected farm. Whether you run a co-op, an agronomy service, technology advisor, an equipment dealership or crop input reseller, RealmFive offers the best connectivity technology in agriculture.

The result? One network solution that delivers:

Schedule a demo today and see the future of farming.