Do More in Manure Management with Less

Your clients are busy, and so are you. Loads of compliance paperwork and data monitoring can get in the way of doing what really matters. Speed up the process of helping your clients manage their waste and mitigate risk.

A Connectivity Platform for You

RealmFive remote monitoring tools allow you to access your equipment data from anywhere! Plus you can easily download your data in an easy to use CSV file.

Lower costs and reduce labor through our remote lagoon/pond level monitoring, irrigation pump sensor, and soil moisture probe.

Products that relate to Livestock

Users familiar with the benefits of ag technology know how valuable this data can be. Migrating to RealmFive gives users access to more data, presented in an intuitive interface that is easy to learn, easy to use, and scalable as their needs grow.

Float Level Monitoring

Stay on top of your lagoon and pond levels from your office or smartphone. The Float tracks your lagoon levels for timely, repeatable, and scheduled reporting making environmental compliance easier than ever!

Prevent potential issues before they happen with text alerts if your lagoon levels get too high (overflows) or low (cavitation).

Float Lagoon and Pond Monitoring System
  • Can provide accurate and constant insight into liquid levels
  • Easy to install – no trips in the boat
  • Be alerted when levels are too high or too low
  • Consists of 2 pieces of equipment: RTK Base station+ Rover System
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations, Firmware Update Capable, Onboard Data Storage)
  • 5-year battery life for the rover, solar power for the base
  • 1 Base can cover multiple rovers
  • The base can act as Gateway for other wireless R5 Core-enabled devices


Bring your irrigation pumps online using Flip’s vibration monitoring technology and get alerts of issues with your pump before they become problems.
Flip State Sensor
  • Reports run status and calculates run-time
  • Self-learns off and on states
  • 10-second Installation via magnetic mounting
  • Can be attached to metallic assets including Ventilation Fans, Feed Systems, Irrigation Pumps, Grain Bin Fans
  • Runs on 2xAA Lithium-ion batteries
  • Multi-mile Wireless Range 
  • R5 Core Technology (OTA Configurations, Firmware Update Capable, Onboard Data Storage)
  • Batteries can last a full season (depends on measurement frequency)

Weather Front for Davis Vantage Pro2

Use RealmFive’s industry-leading wireless connectivity with weather sensors: solar radiation, UV, rain collector, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and more. Sampling and transmission frequency are completely customizable. Weather Front can also act as a Gateway in the field, connecting with other sensors and relaying data.
Weather Front Weather Station Network Hub
  • (Optional) Gateway/network hub functionality
  • R5 Core technology (OTA Configurations, Firmware Update Capable, Onboard Data Storage)
  • Sensor Integrations: Wind Speed/Wind Direction/Rainfall/Temperature/Relative Humidity/Solar Radiation/Leaf Wetness 
  • Includes Davis Vantage Pro2 sensor suite