RealmFive Honored with Four AE50 Awards

Lincoln, Nebraska — One of the most innovative agtech companies in the world is just 4 years old.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has awarded RealmFive four of its AE50 Awards for ingenious new designs in the agriculture industry. ASABE selects products each year that rank highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on the markets they serve. Only 50 products are chosen worldwide. And four of them went to RealmFive, a young agtech startup in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Steve Tippery, President and CEO, credits the wins to the hard-working creativity of the RealmFive team. “Our engineering and development teams are driven by innovation. They created several products that make reliable, simple, and scalable connectivity in agtech possible.”

The Fetch Communications Device, Furrow Underground System, Flip State Sensor, and R5 Click all received 2020 AE50 awards. 

The Fetch Communications Device extends the range of in-field wireless devices in remote operations, bridging the gap between in-field RealmFive LoRa End devices and a LoRa-to-cellular Gateway communications Edge device. Unlike a typical wireless repeater, Fetch acts as a Gateway while providing store-and-forward capabilities.

A soil moisture probe that can be buried with its communications device, the Furrow Underground System keeps all parts out of the way of fieldwork – no wires to trip over (e.g. vineyards and orchards) or get caught in machinery (e.g. row crops).

The Flip State Sensor uses RealmFive’s vibration monitoring algorithm technology to automatically identify when a machine is On or Off. Installing Flip takes five seconds and no tools.

Finally, R5 Click provides a comprehensive view to manage data across an entire agricultural operation in one, unified app. Users can view historical and current sensor data on a slide-out contextual menu for a number of sensors, including soil moisture levels, soil temperatures, rainfall, wind speeds, wind direction, water levels, equipment status, and pivot irrigation status.

RealmFive team outside the RealmFive building

RealmFive Team

About RealmFive

RealmFive brings agtech online with simple, reliable and scalable connectivity. Using easy-to-deploy devices and improved long-range telemetry, RealmFive enables remote monitoring and data-driven decision-making. With an expanding portfolio of applications including soil moisture, weather, irrigation monitoring, water levels and state monitoring, RealmFive empowers decision agriculture at scale. For more information, go to

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